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Keynote Address

In a 45-60 minute address delivered by Coach Kitch, our keynote talks educate, inspire, and engage our clients. Participants will learn why principles matter through real world stories and examples, but more importantly they will walk away with research-backed tools they can implement today. This is for leaders that believe their teams can grow from great to elite.

Keynote topics leave the audience with a lasting
narrative and framework they can apply to create massive impact in their organization and
their personal lives.

From character to culture, we deliver a memorable, energizing experience that helps connect company visions with personal missions.

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Leadership Workshops

With over 20 leadership and culture topics facilitated by expert coaches, our workshops are
our most customizable group service. Broken into 90 minute or 1/2 day events, our coaches
will guide your team through our three-step ICA process for increasing leadership or culture
development. First, participants will be introduced to a topic, provided with background
information, principles, and real world examples. From there, our team will teach your
leaders to conceptualize the information and begin to identify how it would fit in your
environment. Finally, participants will learn to apply the principles using frameworks and
systems that create repeatable systems. Our workshops are filled with honest reflection,

engaging discussion and intentional application.

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1:1 Coaching

The top 1% in any craft continually seeks out coaching and performance opportunities.

We have put together a program made up of performance coaching specializing in mental performance, habits, mindset, leadership and sales.

Our curriculums are individualized, our approahces are backed by both research and results, and our mission is to arm high performers like you with the tools they need to compete and win in the arena of life.

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Group Coaching

In a world where collaboration and shared experiences are invaluable, group coaching can be a dynamic force for personal and professional growth. Our team of performance coaches specializing in mental performance, habits, mindset, leadership and sales recognizes the immense power of coming together as a group to dive deep into real world application of important skills and frameworks.

Similar to our 1:1 coaching, our approach is backed by research and results. This reflects our mission to see our clients win in every arena they step into.

Gain collective insights, community and support, accountability partners, real world practice, shared experiences, and more.

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