Our Story: The Why

As coaches and leaders, we are all familiar with the high-performers. The young men and women that never need prompting; they naturally execute and compete at an elite level while raising the performance of those around them. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. Instead, the vast majority of people, some of whom may be extremely talented, lack the skills to lead. Without leaders, there is no culture. There is no standard. Without a standard, there are only suggestions and people will do what is comfortable; drift toward mediocrity. For our teams and businesses, culture is the backbone of what makes or breaks us. It’s the difference between hitting our best quarter of sales and being forced to make cuts, between a comeback win late in the game and going home empty handed. Culture cannot survive, let alone thrive, without proper leadership.

“This company was born from a simple quote from one of the most talented athletes I’ve ever been around. He came to my office during his senior season and I could tell something was wrong. I sat with this young man who was one of our team captains and talked about expectations, the team, coaches, etc. Then he said it. He said the sentence I had known to be true but had never heard out loud. He looked at me as if he was embarrassed, and said “My whole life I been the best on every team I’ve played on and people always telling me to lead, but nobody ever taught me how.” This young man is not the exception, he is the norm, and Edge was built to change that.” – David Kitchen, Founder.

Creating An Edge

The How

Edge Leadership Academy of Edge Leadership Academy is the “Weapon-X” on our client’s rosters. We are committed to training leaders looking to take their organizational culture to an elite level. Our leadership and culture-building skills enable organizations to promote and cultivate leadership from within that will create an environment of high performance. These principles and exercises can be successfully applied in athletics and beyond. In the team setting, coaches, captains, and team leaders will all play an integral role in creating the culture of an organization. Armed with Edge Leadership principles, everyone within the organization will be invested in maximizing their potential.

Making it Work

Presentation Pillars

Theory Meets Practice

As a coach, you learn quickly that ideas are great, but execution is what matters. We bring that same framework to our workshops and keynotes. Participants will learn why principles matter, but more importantly they will walk away with tools they can implement today.

Active Engagement

Leadership is a never ending process. Edge delivers a service that encourages participants to become actively engaged in their leadership process through reflection sheets, dynamic discussion portions, and frameworks to apply the principles.

Connection Before Content

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Our mission is deeply personal. That means we engage and connect with our clients in a way that makes the content we are delivering applicable and personal. Edge participants leave educated about what it takes to be a leader and inspired to do the work.


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