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Our founder and CEO, David Kitchen has worked with 56 NCAA teams coaching and developing culture in addition to speaking engagements, publishing articles, and appearing on multiple podcasts to discuss leadership.

David is a Susquehanna University graduate with experience coaching and leading in both athletics and business. He has spent the last 6 years coaching teams and developing culture in his role as a strength and conditioning coach. His stops include institutions at the Division I, II, and III level. He completed his master’s degree from California University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with a focus in Sport Psychology and is currently completing his PhD in Developmental Psychology from Liberty University.

"Coach Kitchen and I worked together at UNLV and what impressed me the most about him was that even though I still considered myself a "young" coach during these times I always assumed that David and I were in the same peer group/from the same era.  I soon found out that Coach Kitchen was much younger than me and had in fact been recruited and coached by a former colleague of mine who is in my same age group.  In my experience, when this phenomenon has occured this is almost always indicative of a person who is "wise beyond their years"; not because I or they "have it all figured out" but because there are just certain things that only time can teach.  It is this wisdom: the nexus of talent, expertise, and experience that Coach Kitchen's players are drawn to even more so than the cutting edge elite content that he consistently strives to provide.  That being said, there is no doubt that David has committed himself to being a life-long learner and has developed the growth mindset necessary to teach and lead others while helping them achieve mastery in whatever their pursuit." 

- Travis Burkett, Head Football Coach, College of the Sequoias

"I didn't know what to expect when I first met Coach Kitch, but he set the tone immediately. It was never about training for football, it was about building leaders of men. It was about buying in to a philosophy. A philosophy that stressed taking care of the little things. Most of all, his passion showed me the importance of being a leader at all times. Not just when I am comfortable or when it suited me, but when I was tired or uncomfortable as well."

-Danial Shelton, Captain/2x All-American, Football, Susquehanna University

"Coach Kitch was a great addition to our program. In a short time, he helped change the path of our team in regards to perspective. Perspective is key to moving through obstacles and Coach Kitch helped players see the right ways to be about the team and be leaders in their own right. As a leader on the team, Coach Kitch helped me understand my teammates, how to lead them, and how to keep everyone on track. I truly can say I grew as a leader being around him."

- Mike Hughes Jr. UNLV Football Captain '17,  Defensive Tackle, Jacksonville Jaguars

"Coach Kitch was a testament to leadership in his time at UNLV. For me, coming into my own as a leader I had never really used my voice as I was capable. I was put into a role as a leader because of my work ethic and during that time of growth in my life Coach Kitch helped me develop my leadership qualities and furthermore develop as a man. Coach was about more than football, he was about life and was always there for us during times of conflict to help us grow. I'm forever thankful for his influence in my life and I still live by our favorite quote.  "Hungry dogs run faster, be a hungry dog and stay hungry."

- Gabe McCoy UNLV Football Captain '18 & '19,  Linebacker, NFL Free Agent

"Coach Kitchen is probably the most genuine person I know. He's helped me with problems he didn't even know I was having. He has the knowledge and cares deeply about building character. Becoming a leader and understanding how to work with different types of people was the best feature I absorbed from him."

- Isaiah Crawley Georgia Southern University Men's Basketball Captain '19 - '20

"David Kitchen was a huge part of us being one of the top ranked teams in the Sun Belt Conference at Georgia Southern. He is extremely knowledgeable, has great vision, and is a great motivator of leaders."

- Mark Byington, Head Men's Basketball Coach, James Madison University

"David worked with our field hockey program at Bloomsburg University as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  However, David was more than that, his work ethic, dedication, and leadership skills aspired a young group of collegiate female athletes to reach for their goals, get out of their comfort zones, aspire to do more and give more, and to always dream big."

- Nicole Hartranft, Head Field Hockey Coach, Bloomsburg University

"Coach David Kitchen has been extremely instrumental in my life. When I was coached by David, he invested time and effort into me, developing many of the qualities that have aided in my academic and personal success. Most importantly, I believe he taught me how to think and lead differently. These leadership skills have been integral in my pursuit of a PhD. What David developed in me are skills that I have utilized while coaching, teaching, and researching."

- Matthew Sokoloski, PhD

"I learned two very important things from Coach Kitch about leadership. 1: You have to decide who you are going to be every single day. 2: You have to hold yourself accountable first every single day before holding others accountable. I watched Coach Kitch come in day in and day out with a determination to make sure we got better every day. He did this regardless of the feelings that got hurt, and always had the hard conversations. For me, these lessons were important because I prefer to put my head down and work. Coach Kitch taught me to have the hard conversations and hold myself and teammates accountable while putting personal feelings aside."

- Jocuquez Kalili, NFL/CFL Cornerback, Ottawa Redblacks

"Coach Kitch brought an energy to both practice and the weight room that pushed me to develop as a player, a leader, and a man. He always went the extra mile for underdogs to develop to our full potential. His belief and dedication to myself is a huge reason why my career has gone as far as it has."

- Andrew Erbes UNLV Football '18XFL '20, CFL '18-19

"Coach Kitch has been above and beyond in the aspect of helping his players grow and develop into leadership roles. Coach Kitch has played a key role in pushing me to better myself, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and develop on and off the field. He has been a contributor in helping my education/career in both Strength & Conditioning as a coach and as a football player. I couldn't thank him enough in helping me where I am now as I begin my career in the CFL as well as assisting my journey in all aspects. Thank you coach!"

- Bailey Laolagi UNLV Football Captain '18Linebacker - British Columbia Lions (CFL)





"The Chestnut Hill Men's Basketball team can't thank Edge Leadership Academy and specifically Coach Kitch enough. In taking over a program, our culture, and the way we attacked everyday was a concern of mine. As a head coach my goal was to help build something our guys would be proud to say they're a part of. What better way is there to do that, than allow them to paint the picture themselves?


Edge Leadership Academy allowed our guys to set the parameter and standards to which they would be held accountable. It allowed everyone to have a say. More importantly, it allowed each individual to reflect, look in the mirror and evaluate how their everyday actions affect our team. Our guys were able to acknowledge how each one of them can lead us to achieve our team goals, in their own way. The next step is turning words to action because we all know talk is cheap. Edge leadership academy provided our staff with tangible evidence to show guys when their actions don't match their words. A wise man once said, "there's only two reasons someone doesn't do something. They either didn't know, or they didn't care enough." Edge leadership has allowed us to identify who doesn't care enough. 


As the leader of this basketball program, working with Kitch and Edge Leadership Academy allowed me two luxuries. One, I got to know everyone on our team better. Not as basketball players, but as young men. Two, I was able to hold myself to the fire, evaluate my weaknesses as a leader and figure out ways to improve. 


All in all, working with Kitch and Edge Leadership was an awesome experience for the Chestnut Hill Men's Basketball team, and I would recommend it to anyone. "-JJ Butler Chestnut Hill College Head Men's Basketball Coach 


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