“This company was born from a simple quote from one of the most talented athletes I’ve ever been around. He came to my office during his senior season and I could tell something was wrong. I sat with this young man, who was one of our team captains, and talked about expectations, the team, coaches, etc. Then he said it. He said the sentence I had known to be true but had never heard out loud. He looked at me and said, “My whole life I been the best on every team I’ve played on and people always telling me to lead, but nobody ever taught me how.” This young man is not the exception, he is the norm, and Edge was built to change that.”  – David Kitchen, CEO

 As coaches and leaders, we are all familiar with the high-performers. The young men and women that never need prompting; they naturally execute and compete at an elite level while raising the performance of those around them. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. Instead, the vast majority of people, some of whom may be extremely talented, lack the skills to lead. Without leaders, there is no culture. There is no standard. Without a standard, there are only suggestions and people will do what is comfortable; drift toward mediocrity. For our teams and businesses, culture is the backbone of what makes or breaks us. It’s the difference between hitting our best quarter of sales and being forced to make cuts, between a comeback win late in the game and going home empty handed. Culture cannot survive, let alone thrive, without proper leadership.